Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team

Hint - Improving Rescue and Recruitment Chances

As you increase in level, your chance of recruiting will increase to a maximum of 24 percent at level 100.

+5 percent at L30-39
+7 percent at L40-49
+10 percent at L50-59
+10 percent at L50-59
+12 percent at L60-69
+15 percent at L70-79
+17 percent at L80-89
+24 percent at L90-100

Bonuses are important since some Pokemon have recruitment penalties. Rayquaza, Deoxys, Groudon have a base minus 10 percent to join. Kygore has a base 50 percent. All Regi-mon and Legendary dogs have a base 0.1 percent. Kecleon has a base minus 34 percent as do all the teams at the Makuhita Dojo. Mew has a 1 percent chance and you need to have the music box.

To recruit the likes of Kecleon and other such pokemon, you need the friend bow (which bestows a 10 percent recruitment).

Hint - Mission Farming

At the "Wonder Mail" option in the main menu, enter this code:


The code gives you a D-Ranked Rescue Job in Mt. Thunder to find a Gold Ribbon for 200 Poke. Go to Mt. Thunder, and find the wanted item. Then, before you leave the dungeon, equip it to one of your Pokemon. When you leave the dungeon, the Gold Ribbon will NOT be handed over. Then, take the Gold Ribbon from your Pokemon and sell it for 2000 Poke! The Job will still be in your list, leaving you to repeat the mission as many times as you want, provided the client never gets the item.

Hint - Moltres and Articuno

Battle Zapdos a second time (after you have beaten Rayquaza) then have Zapdos join the party. This allows access to the "Friend Area Legendary Island".

Head for Mount Blaze (Moltres) or Frosty Grotto (Articuno). You must be alone and you have to face off a L45 Zapdos, Moltres at L52 and Articuno at L53.

Hint - Recruit Umbreon and Espeon

Grab an Eevee at the Joyous Tower (floor 12 to 17). Increase its IQ to four stars with white and orange gummies (check Mount Steel for these items). Once you do that, use the lunar or sun ribbon on this guy in the Evolve Cave.

The lunar ribbon is in Northwind Field, floor 20. You will need the associated key to this dungeon to access the item.

The sun ribbon is in Wavern Hill. You will need an associated key for this item.

Hint - Secret Missions

You may input the following into the Wonder Mail. ♀ is the Female sign, and ♂ is the male sign.

5?2YQW0??T0QJC?♂FH16WR?W ... Gives you the Friend Area Sky Blue Plains.

X?7P♀?+??XP6RJ?QFJC5?W?? ... Makes Feebas a wild Pokemon in Blue Rescue Team.

4??N 22...? ?Q6J H3?♂ 8470 JN?W ... Makes Mantine appear as a wild Pokemon in Blue Rescue Team

F?4N +WT? ?+6N FR?J F?66 85?W ... Makes Roselia appear as a wild Pokemon in Blue Rescue Team

??7Y ♀1+? ?-PQ HC?M S6?0 +Q?W ... Pecha Scarf(Frosty Forest 8F Rank B)

4?9C 33+? ?M7- !P?X S466 C1?W ... Silver Gummi(Silent Chasm B5F Rank D)

4?MJ 4PT? 0?7Q HF?9 0470 ?5?K ... TM Roar(Mt. Thunder 5F Rank C)

F?CN 310? 4QR- PS?0 H67R M0?W ... TM Torment + ?(Lapis Cave B10F Rank C)

4?C... -1F? 43NJ MF?... 8J?T -W?W ... Weather Band + ?(Near Uproar Forest B7F Rank C)

Hint - Zapdos

Go to Mount Thunder and clear floors F1 - F10 and Mt.Tunder Peak F1 - F2. On Mt. Tunder peak F3 you will face Zaptos and if you win Zapdos will want to jion your rescue team. This must be your 2nd time beating Zapdos.

Unlockable: Buried Relic

You must defeat Stormy Sea. When you receive mail talking about ruins being uncovered, go talk to Lombre then Shiftry.

Unlockable: Darknight Relic

Buy Secretive Forest friend area.

Unlockable: Pitfall Valley

Finish Northern Range.